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Novega acoustic beacons

Novega acoustic beacons


Allied eParts is an authorised distributor of acoustic beacons from Novega, Germany.

The PT9 C-PROOF is a seawater-proof underwater locating device according to SAE AS 8045, which has been specifically developed for the installation on data storage capsules/final recording Medias (FRM) of Voyage Data Recorder Systems (VDR/S-VDR). The PT9 C-PROOF has been designed to send a locating signal for at least 30 days in the case of being activated by water immersion.

We are trained to replace the batteries. The battery which is the heart of the PT9 C-PROOF has to be replaced by competent skilled staff every three years, otherwise, the BSH approval will expire.

For more enquiries, please drop us an email at or call 65-6742 2272